Islam for Kids Course

Islam for Kids Course

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    Islam for Kids Course | Best Islamic Studies for kids Classes

    Islamic studies online for kids is one of the best courses for kids as in this Islam for Kids Course, students can get Islamic knowledge online. Besides the classes of tajweed. Quran Class Online provides your online course of Islam for kids. It is primarily designed with the aim of enlightening the daily routine of a Muslim kid according to the Sunnah of Prophet MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H). It motivates the student to follow the Islamic code of life as shown in the life of Prophet MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H). As Allah says: “There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern” (Al Ahzab 33:21), people who are new in Islam and determined to learn Islamic Studies along with Quran reading can avail this chance of learning Islam staying home. register now for Islam for Kids Course.

    Your first identity is your name and having an identity means that you are a Muslim not only by your name. But in terms of your actions and behavior also. Muslim children must know some essential basics of Deen and Islam, their religion. They should know that Islam is not that religion that not allows people to enjoy their life. Rather Islam is the religion that allows everyone to enjoy their life without doing forbidden actions. As a Muslim, we should avoid doing haram deeds. And those who abstain from committing sins enjoy pure and pleasant lives. So we should always realize that Islamic education for kids is the best way to be better Muslims and humans also.

    What Will Your Child Learn Through This Course?

    This Islamic classes course is designed to provide fundamental knowledge to kids living in non Muslim countries. We will cover all the aspects of Islam in this course.

    • Acts of worship, such as dua' and how to pray.
    • Different characteristics to follow of the Prophet (SAW).
    • Stories of the prophets.
    • Muslim manners and characteristics.
    • Historical stories from the Quran and sunnah.
    • Pillars of Islam and how to apply them to their life
    • Tafseer
    • Hadiths
    • Tawheed
    • Fiqh
    • General Etiquette relating to different areas and situations.

    Course Outline:

    We have level-wise series of Islamic Studies Books that covers everything mentioned above. Also, we are providing a customized Islamic study plan for kids to choose from according to their interests.

    1. Islamic Studies Grade 01
    2. Islamic Studies Grade 02
    3. Islamic Studies Grade 03
    4. Islamic Studies Grade 04
    5. Islamic Studies Grade 05
    6. Islamic Studies Grade 06
    7. Islamic Studies Grade 07
    8. Islamic Studies Grade 08
    9. Islamic Studies Grade 09
    10. Islamic Studies Grade 10
    11. Islamic Studies Grade 11
    12. Islamic Studies Grade 12
    13. Stories of the prophets

    After completion of theses basic knowledge we are providing advance level classes of Islamic studies which include:

    1. Tafseer
    2. Sunnah
    3. Hadiths
    4. Tawheed
    5. Fiqh
    6. Historical stories from the Quran and sunnah
    7. Brief lessons about Holy Prophet Muhammad

    Outcomes of our Islamic Classes for Kids:

    • Your kid will learn the correct way to Pray or Worship Allah not just because its obligatory but out of love of Allah.
    • To develop love and affection for Allah in their hearts.
    • Will learn Tafseer of Surahs so they will be able to understand the Quran.
    • Fiqh will help them in learning Islamic rules which they can apply in daily life with reasoning
    • Will learn about Prophet Muhammad and Sunnah

    Quiz and Tests:

    We are taking quiz or short test at the end of every lesson so we can check if they have understood well. These are in oral form.

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