Qaida for Beginners Course Kids

Qaida for Beginners Course Kids

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    Qaida for Beginners Course Kids| Quran Class Learn Online

    Qaida is the basic of Quran learning, you cannot just start reading the Quran directly without learning Qaida because in the Qaida course you will learn basic rules of how to read Quranic words properly. Quran Class provides you the Online Qaida for Beginners course. This course is the first step in learning the Quran.

    Online Holy Quran Class especially designed this course to help the students in understanding and reading the Qaida properly. After finishing this course students will be able to recognize the Arabic words and letters, able to read the Quran properly, they will also be able how to pronounce Quranic words and grammar rules. So, if you want to read the Holy Quran online from the very beginning then you must enroll yourself in this course. You can also Join here Islamic Courses for Adults, Islamic Courses for Females, Online Tuition Classes, and Online Language Courses with 3 Days Free Trial Class. Register Now for Trial Class.

    Qaida for Beginners

    Course Overview:

    1. Ḥurūf Mufridāt (Arabic Alphabets with proper Makharij)
    2. Ḥurūf Murakkabāt (Joint Letters)
    3. Ḥarakāt (The Movements)
    4. Practice Exercise
    5. Tanwīn
    6. Practice Exercise
    7. Letters of Maddaĥ
    8. Kĥařī [Vertical] Ḥarakāt (Standing Movements)
    9. The Letters of Līn
    10. Practice Exercise
    11. Sukūn (Jazm)
    12. Nūn Sākin and Tanwīn (Iẓĥār, Ikhfā)
    13. Tashdīd
    14. Nūn Sākin and Tanwīn (Idghām, Iqlāb)
    15. The Cases of Mīm Sākin
    16. Tafkhīm and Tarqīq
    17.  Maddāt
    18. Muqatta’āt Letters
    19. Zāid Alif
    20. Miscellaneous Rules
    21. Waqf [Pause]
    22. Questions/Answers Exercise about Tajweed Rules
    23. Final Examination.​

    During this period teacher will divide the 30 minutes session into two parts, 20+10; 20 minutes for Tajweed lessons and 10 minutes for other lessons like Kalimas, Salah, Daily Routine Dua's or Islamic Studies. Also there will be an term exams after every months and report will be provide to parents.


    This course is designed for beginners and for those who knows about Quran lessons but don't know about Tajweed Rules.

    Course Structure:

    For Kids of any age (Sister/Brother)
    Class Type: One-On-One
    Age:  4 – any age
    Requirements: None
    Student: Beginners and those who want to learn Tajweed

    How do you learn the basic tajweed rules in this course?

    In the first section of this course, the teacher will tell you tajweed rules and also about how we pronounce the Arabic alphabets correctly with proper sounds. Then you'll be promoted to the next section which is about signs. In this step, the teachers explain about different signs with their proper sounds that will help you to utter the ups and downs of Quranic words. After that in the last section, we will make sure that you will be able to read the small Quranic words accurately with proper alphabets and signs sounds.
    At Quran Class Online, our qualified Quran teachers teach students in a perfect and easy manner and take them to a level where they can read lessons by his/herself. Let’s experience your first free trial class today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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