Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is online Quran learning Useful?
  2. Nowadays in this pandemic almost all learning institutions are using online teaching methods, because in home students feel comfortable which is necessary for learning. It is also time saving, you don’t need to go anywhere you just have to log in to your computer and take your class.
  3. What do I need for online learning? 
  4. You need a computer/laptop or cell phone, headphone, internet connection and skype software.
  5. Do I need a deep knowledge of computers to learn online?
  6. No, You only need basic knowledge of computers such as how to connect it to the internet and how to use skype software to learn online. If you have no basic knowledge of computers, Don’t worry our technical support team will guide you.

  7. Is there an age limit for learning the Quran online?
  8. No, There is no age limit for learning Quran Online you can  learn at any age and any time. People of all age groups are learning the Quran with us.

  1. Are your teachers Qualified enough?
  2. Yes, Our teachers are well qualified in Quran and Isalamic studies. They have diplomas of 8 years from recognized Dar-ul-ulooms. They also have years of experience teaching online. 

  1. What is the timing of my classes?
  2. Quran-class will arrange your classes according to your convenience. We provide you the facility to decide when to take your class.

  1. What happens when I miss my class?  
  2. If you are busy please notify your teacher, and if you miss any of your class we will arrange it for you later.

  1. What will be the duration of each class?
  2. It’s your choice, Either you can choose half an hour class or a full hour class. You and your teacher can decide how much time your session will last.
  3. Do you have female tutors for females?
  4. Yes, We have female tutors for women and kids. Quran class has both male and female tutors, It’s up to your choice which teacher you choose.

  1. How can I start learning from the Quran-class?
  2. It’s very easy, you visit our website, register yourself, take a free trial class, enroll and start learning Quran with us.

  1. Do I need some kind of material for learning the Quran online?
  2. No, You don’t need any kind of material for learning Quran online. We have digital copies of the Holy Quran and other Islamic books. We will teach you through screen sharing. So you don’t need to buy anything.

  1. How do I pay my fee?
  2. You can pay it through paypal, credit card or wire transfer.