2021 Reviews

Learn Quran Online with an ideal Quran learning classes provider Quran Class Online, is a blessing for me. My friend recommended me Quran Class Online & I started with uncertainty whether it will work for kids or not. But I’m really glade now because my kids are learning the holy Quran without any problem. Teachers are very kind even more than school’s teachers.

Ahmed Ali – Parent


Keep up the good work I am learning with this Quran Academy, Quran Class Online from last few months. And as a Converted Muslim It was so difficult for me to learn Quran and understand the things about Islam but now I can read Quran easily. Thanks Quran Class Online and My Teacher .

Amira – Student

United Kingdom

Quran Class Online Academy is the best. So reliable, effective and efficient. Thank you.

Zia – Parent

Berkeley, CA

We started our 4 year old son with this Quran academy, Quran Class Online few years ago, as the local mosques would only accept 5 year olds , and Alhamdulillah he had made good progress and now at age 5 he confidently completed Noorani Qaida with Tajweed MashaALLAH and now reading Quran with Tajweed. Highly Recommended!!

Mr. & Mrs. Yasir Khan

Oslo, Norway

Mashaa Allah … Alhamdulillah.. I am tremendously happy, excited and really honored to receive this outstanding achievement from Quran Class Online. I hope this fantastic award can make me more motivated to read and memorize Al Qur’an and also to encourage my muslim friends around the world… Aameen. Jaazak Allah Khair.

Fatoumata Doucoure – Student


 We have been so happy with Quran Class Online, the organized methodology, the affordability and convenience. The teachers are exceptional and we couldn’t have asked for a better Islamic education for our children.

Nona Amel – Parent

New Zealand

Mashallah, as a parent of a Quran Class Online student, I really appreciate this feature. I am glad to know on a daily basis what the teacher thinks of my son’s performance that day. These are the things that set Quran Class Online apart from other distance Quran learning programs.

 Yasmin Shah

Alhamdulillah I have been taking classes with this institute for over a year. Classes are easy to schedule and flexible. My teacher is amazing and her way of teaching is very good. Allahuma Barik Laha!

Mariam Jimin